Magical Constructs – Devlog #2

Geemili: I didn’t get much done in the way of coding, but I have fleshed out the monsters attributes a little bit more. Also, because I saw an episode of Extra Credits where they talked about the benefits of collectable card games, I may make it spells focus on collecting different pieces that you can assemble. Of course, even as I type this I am second thoughts about it…
Anyway, here are my ideas for the monsters a bit more fleshed out:
    Minotaurs will be very tanky and difficult to kill, but they are are few in number. Unlike actual bulls, minotaurs will eat meat. They prefer to eat kanichen, so if the player kills and/or stores to many kanichen, minotaurs may start to raid them.
•Long life
•Long adolescence
•Eats meat
•Slower than player, but can charge at you over short distances

    Kanichen are small rabbit-like creatures that are very numerous. They like to eat your crops and random plants that they find. They are not, however, strictly vegetarian. If a kanichen senses a threat to its existence, it is likely to attack.

3-toed Bullfrog
Three toed bullfrogs are numerous, fast, and not exactly weak. Most of their life, however, is spent in their first two stages of life. They like to eat käfer and will hunt them, but will come if there is a a large quantity of food, no matter what food it is.

Käfer are beetles with a tough carapace and a directing hive mind. They are largely agricultural and are not vengeful, but they attack if you attack them to much. Minotaurs will prefer to not attack the käfer.


Magical Constructs

Gemili: I recently came up with the idea of a game called Magical Constructs. Originally, the name was going to go to a Bukkit plugin that would allow them to perform magic by building structures.

Magical Constructs (the game), however, is a sandbox game in which you play the novice wizard Aristarchos, stuck on a desert island, alone with only the companion ship of the sentient textbook, Bel-Sarra-Usur, and the monstrous beings that inhabit the island. Fend off hunger and monsters while you take lessons on magic from Bel-Sarra-Usur, who insists that the lessons must be taken in the proper order.

So that’s my idea. Basically, you have to take lesson in the book from Bel-Sarra-Usur before he will allow to learn the crucial teleportation spell you need to escape the island. The world will be fully deformable, and every block will have physics, so no (naturally) floating structures. Blocks will not have an ‘item’ form, requiring you to pick up blocks using a levitation spell and then place them where you want it to be. Blocks will also be “linked” together, making them act as one physics unit. Additional spells will be needed to link and unlink blocks.

So, I don’t have much planned for the content. I do have some, though, so I’ll put them down here:

-Place (Link)
-Deconstruct (Unlink)


-Minotaur (Strong, slow, not many)
-Kaninchen (weak, numerous, matures quickly)
-3-Toed Bullfrog (fast, numerous, matures very slowly)
-Käfer (numerous, smart hive mind, very weak)

Recent Activity

Although I haven’t posted recently because of school, have done a little bit of work. I uploaded two kind-of games to GameJolt, for the most part to test how it’s HTML5 uploading process works, and because I had already made them for school.

You can check them out here:

Apart from that, I have a science fair project that I’m supposed to be working on, which is unsurprisingly about video games. I’m going to be making one for it, but that’s not all, it’s going to be a audio-based game. My goal is to make a game that is easily playable by people that are unable to see. This is going to be a big challenge for me, because I have barely ever used sound in games. When I get it’s design fleshed out, I’ll make another post, so until next time, good luck and goodbye!

Who is Geemili?

I am Geemili. Although it is not my real name as you might have guessed, it is my online persona. I am the other part of DIMN studios. In DIMN studios I will be doing the majority of the programming, mostly in Java. Look forward to some posts about what I discover while programming, and I hope to eventually record some videos.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Thanks, Geemili

Who is Desttinghim?

I know I already introduced myself in the first post. But I decided that I need to explain more about myself, especially after so long.

I am an artist. I draw. I would like to create art. Many people say I’m good at it even. I don’t really belive that all too much myself, but I want to change that. I’d like to make a something that people will see and go, that’s really neat. I want to make something that moves people.

But for now I’ve just got some better than average skill that makes people go woah for the wrong reasons. I plan to remedy this by doing a lot of art, mainly in the form of a webcomic. There’s a little story planned out, and I should be starting within a week or two.

That’s about all you need to know about me. I’m not a very complex person, I like to be very honest about things, it just makes things a lot simpler. I should be posting again very soon with information about the story and art of Apocalypse Run. I will definitely be posting about my idea for a webcomic as well. Keep your eyes open!